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I want to thank you in advance for having a quick read. This post could just change your direction!

One idea … That’s right, just one idea is all it takes! One idea to transform from slackness to greatness, depressed to happy, unmotivated to productive, always running behind schedule to being on time, from a stale attitude to a winner’s attitude and so on…

So how is the vibe in your business? How well are your staff communicating? Are your managers passionate about their role or do they treat their position as an entitlement? Is there opportunity for growth within your company? Why are you still there? How about the leaders in your business? Do they lead or do they not lead? Too many meetings with no real outcome … sound familiar? I can hear some of you right now saying, “Wow!…He is really drilling the point home!”

… And you are right, ‘I am!’

I’m not a regular blogger, I’m not a warm & fuzzy solution type of guy, I’m not a IT specialist, I’ve never facilitated a webinar nor do I run extensive training and coaching programs via skype. I am a Husband, Parent, Business Owner, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Leader, Anthropologist, Dual Citizen, Athlete, Accomplished & Confident. I am Face-to-Face and in your space.

I deal with solutions in real time. I do not have 100’s of clients and I’m not interested in volume. I’m interested in giving my all in value and quality for a select group of clients. Situations occur in my coaching realm that I can not predict or necessarily plan for at the time. This is where the magic happens, where people can learn to excel and small victories are evident. I am completely unique…there is no other Attitude Coach in the world…

My proposal is to contact me immediately if this message is sinking in… “I like what I’m reading, however, I’m just an employee of the company…what can I do?” You can start by sharing the post and leave your comments. Recommend that I come into your next general meeting, staff meeting or even one-on-one meeting. Let’s organise it together and get some ‘ATTITUDE’ back into your business.

Thank you again for investing in yourself! Remember One idea is all it takes!

Jerrod ‘Attitude Coach’