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Has COVID-19 affected your business? How about your company’s ATTITUDE? …’Your ATTITUDE will determine your SUCCESS’… For Virtual Online Sales Coaching & Leadership Development…

“Unlocking the KNOWLEDGE to EMPOWER Direct Salespeople through Sales Education….”

“Unlocking the KNOWLEDGE to EMPOWER Direct Salespeople through Sales Education….”


  • Do you have the RIGHT salespeople?
  • How would you know if they’re a great fit?
  • Will new salespeople THRIVE in your company’s culture?
  • When was the last time you INVESTED in your people or yourself?

What you can expect from Changing Attitudes:

Training & Workshops that makes an IMPACT…

If you are looking for someone to breath life, enthusiasm and commitment into your team then you have found him. Jerrod has an uncanny ability to lift touch and inspire the people that he leads. He is a dynamic presenter who takes seriously a commitment to lead a team to align with the mission and values of an organisation.

Mike Stone

Field Training your salespeople through personalized one-on-one coaching…

Jerrod is an inspiring and motivating mentor and leader. When he is not coaching with his infallible energy he has no problems getting down into the trenches to support his team head on. He not only connects with his immediate team but also influences all around him to achieve his required outcome. Jerrod wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything he wouldn’t and always commits 100% to all challenges. He has so much to offer and any team would be privileged to be led by him.

Bridget Ngawhare

Company & Leadership Development…

Jerrod came into my business and analysed my staff and pointed out their strengths and their weaknesses which then helped set a plan to have the training put in place so I had a very strong team no matter who was in the team. I like Jerrod’s enthusiasm and approach to his craft. I also like he does not give up.

Colin Gilliland

"If you create a culture where Sales, Management & Leadership people can be developed... your company will thrive!"

Take Action & Develop Your Sales People!

  • Do your salespeople struggle to ASK for business?
  • Does your business/company rely on employees and staff to bring in revenue each quarter?
  • Do your people recognize sales opportunities?
  • Do they know "HOW TO ENGAGE" with potential clients and build relationships?

What you can expect by taking action:

Successful Sales Attitude & Mindset…

I have known Jerrod for a decade and watched him grow and achieve. Jerrod has worked with Stepz Fitness Cashmere to help us develop a more effective approach to sales and marketing, goal setting and people skills. Jerrod puts a smile on anyone’s face and switches on light bulbs in their brains with his unique approach to unlocking the power of attitude.

Stan Fetting

How To Educate Your Teams Consistently…

Jerrod is a high energy sales coach, with extensive expert knowledge. He bought to our business fresh ideas and strategy to develop our sales staff and processes. I would highly recommend Jerrod to help re-invigorate and motivate one of your most important business assets, “your sales team !

Robbie Lewis

Trainer Development…

Jerrod worked with our company for a period of 4-5 months, he trained staff, and introduced sale procedures which achieved results. It was a worthwhile investment for both my staff and myself.

Fabian Gonzalez

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